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Healing Hope Organization is a Non- Governmental Organization dedicated to provide quality health care services to patients and seniors to improve their quality of life.

A Commitment
to Making a Difference


We are dedicated to providing sustainable holistic healthcare services, while emphasizing the value of human dignity and enriching the lives of the ill and neglected.   Patients regained their hope and laughter after receiving:

  • Cataract surgery
  • Pain relief therapy
  • Proper dental care
  • Correct eyeglasses
  • Professional health talks



We are dedicated to developing sustainable volunteerism for the building of a caring society. Through the volunteer services we organize, we help volunteers living to their fullness and organizations in need getting support. Organizations we partner with include hospital, senior home and Medical & Vocational Training Institute. We also provide relevant training to strengthen volunteers’ competence to ensure the quality of the services. Other than one-off and recurrent services, we encourage volunteer to work short-term or even long term, station in the same hospital or senior home, working daily for more than 3 months. Up to Dec 2018, we have 10 long-term volunteers working in the hospital and senior home. Among them are doctor, chaplain, teacher, nurse, manager, counsellor and technician. One of them has been volunteering in the senior home for 6 years.