About Healing Hope

Board of Advisors & Board of Directors

Healing Hope’s operations are decided and managed by a dedicated group of leaders from various disciplines who share the same passion and calling to initiate advances in healthcare across China. 

Members of the Board of Advisors are:

  • Rev. Abel LAM
  • Rev. Chin WU
  • Dr. Eric CHONG
  • Dr. George N. CHIN
  • Mr. Norman LO Kam Wah
  • Rev. Patrick SO Wing Chi
  • Rev. Peter CHU
  • Dr. Philemon CHOI Yuen Wan
  • Dr. Susie LUM
  • Rev. Samuel LAU yan Tak
  • Rev. Wing Sin LEUNG

The Chairman of the Board of Director

  • Rev. Simon LAU Chi Ming

Project and Development Committees

  • Mr. Alex FUNG Chau Min
  • Mr. David CHEUNG
  • Dr. Joseph YU Kwong Leung
  • Dr. Keith L. MORGAN
  • Dr. Ricky SZETO Wing Fa
  • Dr. Timothy LEUNG Kam Fung