About Healing Hope

Operation Philosophy


We believe that the most effective way to minister to our patients/seniors is to build relationships with them. People want to know that someone care about their personal needs. We encourage all our team members to have a sincere interest in knowing patients/seniors personally, and in meeting their needs holistically


We expect our staff to operate as a team affectively to achieve common goals, believing that we can accomplish more by working collectively than by working as individuals. By supporting and encouraging one another we strive to create a synergy that is not only effective, but makes work meaningful, exciting and fruitful.

Servant Leadership

The Great leaders “come not to be served but to serve”. Therefore, as servant leadership, we help others to succeed by serving their needs, empowering them, developing trust, and sharing information. Attributes of servant leaders include:

  • Caring about the needs of others
  • Displaying an attitude of humility and graciousness towards all people
  • Avoiding the misuse of power and control
  • Trusting the motives and abilities of others
  • Understand the perspectives of others
  • Promoting a clear and compelling vision

Financial Statement

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