Your Participation

Ways of Participation

  • Promote the vision and mission of HHO among your community and friends
  • Rally a prayer team and a fundraising committee in your community for the ministry of HHO in China
  • Partner with HHO, investing your ministry expertise, skill, knowledge and time, and finance
  • Join us as a volunteer working as a medical professional, auxiliary worker, short or long term administrative personnel
  • Participate in or teach the professional training programs in China
  • money support HHO
  • Remember HHO in your Will, or in memory of a loved one, or in other life celebrations and events

If you find our work and commitment to be meaningful, we cordially invite you to participate in the organization’s work in a greater capacity. You can partner with us in providing sustainable quality holistic healthcare, join our professional training programmes as a trainer, or become a volunteer to serve those in need and to promote Healing Hope’s medical ministry.

At the same time, we would be equally grateful if you remember our needs in terms of manpower and finances, or donate money to support our mission.


Additionally, Healing Hope continues to be open to sponsorships from a variety of companies, family foundations, and other civil society organizations. For details on where your sponsorship will go towards as well as our sponsorship packages, please contact us via phone or email. Our dedicated staff will gladly discuss Healing Hope’s work and the benefits of your contribution in detail.